I love to get muddy!

Mud Run-Nov Mud Run-Nov2 Mud Run-Nov3

As many know, I have an obsession with Mud Runs!  I don’t think I can do a regular run where there are no obstacles and/or mud to trek through!  But one of the biggest issues I had in the past was getting the dried and caked on mud off of me in the weak showers you can take there.  This recent one I did was the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Dade City… and this time… I came prepared!!!  I brought a Simple Sugar Pumpkin Pie Scrub and it worked AMAZING and I even smelled yummy after.  But to top it all off.. I also brought my Tired Eyes Solution to clean my face off after also and I felt very clean and refreshed… not so much like the other 2 I’ve done throughout this year.  I think now for every Mud Run I do, I will be bringing a scrub and my Tired Eyes!  OH.. .and in the first mud pit I lost my Two Simple Owls Bees Knees Lip Balm.. I hope that if it didn’t go in the trash or lost in the mud pit, that it went to a good home! ❤ Dani


We Want To..


Our WantsEvery time we sit down to have a business meeting and assess the month that just passed and the month we’re going into, we stop and list our wants.  These are our wants.  We want to heal, educate, and make honest products!… and in that order!

We truly want to help people on every level.  Mackenzie has goals of completing courses in Nutrition and to become a Master Herbalist and Danielle has goals of becoming a Physician and practice in Natropathy and also become a Master Herbalist.

We find things out every day and we want to share our knowledge with everyone.  We want to teach you how to make things yourself and to learn more about the ingredients you are using.

And last, but not least, we want to make honest products.  We want to make products that you can trust, no matter what country you live in!  We want products that you know will be safe for you and not just because the FDA has approved a “certain amount” of “something” to be in it.  Some of our products may only last 30 days, but that’s because we’re not pumping them up with artificial preservatives so it can sit on your shelf for months at a time.

So when you see the name Two Simple Owls, you know that you are not only getting an honest product, but you have people building a company that want to heal and to educate.

Positive or Negative?

PosLifeNegMindThis is very true!!  We need to understand that our thoughts affect how we act, feel, and treat others.  How can you life a positive life when you’re thinking negative thoughts.  I’m (Danielle) currently reading this book “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer and it’s amazing.  I love these types of self-help books and actually a bit of an addict when it comes to them.  I’m constantly looking for ways to improve myself and how to help others.  I guess that goes back to our reasons for starting up the Two Simple Owls; always wanting to help others and to inform them.  I hope many of you will read this today and let it take root.  Have a great day today and know that the weekend is coming soon 😉

Ready for Winter in FL

Ready for Winter in FL

Mimco silver jewelry
$58 – mimco.com.au

Forever New chronograph watch
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By Malene Birger leather handbag
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Boody black scoop neck shirt
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Fat Face henley shirt
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J Brand skinny jeans
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Aéropostale blue shoes

This just sums me up

This just sums me up

Skater dress

Ballet flat shoes
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Kate spade earrings

2b hair accessory

Bathroom style

Bathroom style

Complete your bathroom set with some Bath Time Fun products from the Two Simple Owls!

Plush bath mat

Monkey home decor

Can’t wait for cooler weather

Can't wait for cooler weather

D G top

American Vintage long short sleeve t shirt
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Rag & Bone jeans

Oasis shoes
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Shoulder bag

Thomas Sabo earrings
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A tribute to my Firefighter husband

BoochThis photo is a tribute to my Firefighter husband.  This is made with the same great Espresso that they use at the station to keep them up and running calls all day and night.  They call it “booch”.  Not sure why… maybe it sounds more manly than, “Who would like more Espresso?” at the fire station. -Danielle

We have a ton of new product shots and they are up on the shop site now!