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Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay-BenefitsMoroccon Rhassoul Clay has a number of outstanding benefits that surpass those of other clays because it contains the highest content of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium, and because of its extraordinary smectic qualities (absorption ability).

Mineral Content

  • Silica- 58%
  • Aluminum- 2.47%
  • Iron- 0.64%
  • Sodium- 2.3%
  • Magnesium- 25.2%
  • Calcium- 2.34%
  • Moisture- <8%

Clinical studies have shown that a single use of Moroccan Rhassoul:

  • Reduces dryness (79%)
  • Reduces flakiness (41%)
  • Improves skin clarity (6a8%)
  • Improves skin elasticity / firmness (24%)
  • Improves skin texture (106%)
  • Removes surface oil and oil from inside and around comedons
  • Removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin

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You can use this every day instead of soap, you can use it as an exfoliate by adding other ingredients, and can even be used as an arthritis treatment due to it’s warming properties.

Gift sets!!!

Gift Bags2Check out all of the gift packages!  You can purchase them all individually or SAVE by purchasing a gift package.  No scent is off limits with these, so customize them and make them more personal.  Need a little help pairing?  We have a couple suggestions below or send us an email to and we’ll help you out!!  You can click the link to take you to the product or just head straight to the shop and move around!

All about the face  $22.00
tired eyes + facial clay mask + sugar lips lip exfoliator + bees knees lip balm

For the lips  $10.00
sugar lips lip exfoliator + bees knees lip balm

Revitalize the face   $14.00
facial clay mask + tired eyes

Relaxing in the tub  $22.00
8 oz soaking salts + cocoa butter bath melt + bath bombdiggity

Bath time fun!  $15.00
8 oz soaking salts + the muy grande bath bomb (releasing on 12/15)

Refresh   $15.00
Keep It Cool spray + No agua body wash

For the body: Sweet + Salty  $18.00
Shea Butter Body Mousse + 4 oz Sweet and Salty Scrub

For the body: Sweet + Salty  $24.00
Shea Butter Body Mousse + 8 oz Sweet and Salty Scrub

For the body: Simple Sugar  $16.00
Shea Butter Body Mousse + 4 oz Simple Sugar Scrub

For the body: Simple Sugar $22.00
Shea Butter Body Mousse + 8 oz Simple Sugar Scrub

Wake Up!
tired eyes + 4 oz sweet + salty morning espresso scrub   $17.00
tired eyes + 8 oz sweet + salty morning espresso scrub   $22.00
Combo suggestions for any of the packages:
-Quite Calming and Lavish Lavender
-Peppermint and Rosemary Mint
-Sunshine and Citrus scented based products

Give a gift they will get great use out of!

Christmas ShoppingStarting your Christmas Shopping already?  Why not start here?!  Put your order in today and then send us an email to let us know these are gifts and they will be made and shipped in December (unless you’re to excited and want it sent now!)  We offer services of shipping to different locations* so you don’t have to mess with the Post Office lines and we’ll even help out with the gift wrapping!*  So head on over to and get your shopping on!  Not sure what to get someone?  Send us an email at and we’ll help you find the perfect gift.

*Shipping costs will be charged per location.  One that goes to FL and another to NY, that would be 2 shipping fees, but don’t worry because we always refund the overages.

*Gift wrapping is available for a $5 fee.  Don’t worry though, we’ll make it extra special!

Gift Bags2


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