Activated Charcoal… not what you grill with.

Activated CharcoalActivated Charcoal is not what is sounds like.  It’s not something you’ll throw under the grill to cook your hamburger, it’s actually a fine black powder made from refined coconuts.  It’s 100% alkaline and is spinning with electrons.  It has been used dated back to 450BC by Hindu’s and also by Hippocrates + Pliney, and last, but not least, it was used in WWI and was placed in the masks of soldiers to keep them from inhaling toxic chemicals.

But today, we use it to detoxify the body and skin.  On the skin, it absorbs toxins that are trapped under and is great to fight acne and cellulite.  It can speed up healing wounds, relieve itchiness from bites or stings, remove toxins from bites or stings, eliminates body odor from underarms, feet, and the scalp.  But we’re not done yet… you can even use it as a teeth whitener or reduce/eliminate body gas!!

This ingredient is in our Green Lava and Moroccan Lava Masks.  But don’t feel like you have to limit this to your face.. you can use it all over your body!  Take 1 tsp of the mask powder and combine it with 1 tsp of water, rosewater, or even coconut oil and mix it together to make a paste.  Then you rub it on your face and let it sit for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Then wipe off with warm water and a rag.  If you want to make a body mask, use the same technique of 1 tsp of mask powder to 1 tsp of your chosen ingredient and begin to put on your body working from the top down (this is a specific method to doing this, not just a suggestion).  Keep it on for 10 min and then hop in the shower and rinse it off.  Be sure to drink water and keep hydrated because when you are pulling out the toxins, you want to replenish with fluid!

We received our information from Livestrong,

Crafting with the kids and making memories

You Are My SunshineI posted this photo on Pinterest and nothing to link it to.  So I’m glad to finally be able to link to our personal blog and explain how and why I did this.

Making memories is the best of all!  When Madison was 4 months old and Boston was still 4 years old.  I put together this amazing little piece of artwork that continues to hang in our home.

I took a $3 canvas from Michaels Craft Store and some paint I had laying around the house and made this wonderful piece of art!

  1. So first paint the background, whatever color you would like and let it dry!
  2. Then do the round circle for the sun and let that dry.
  3. I first took my sons hand and did the hand print around the circle.  I did his first because his hands are larger.  Also BE SURE TO LEAVE SPACE IN BETWEEN..I’ll tell you why in a moment.  But be sure to let those dry before moving on.
  4. Last, I took my daughters hand and painted them and then placed them in between and a little on top of the other prints.
  5. Last, I used my cricut for cut outs, but you can paint the wording or use vinyl stickers and place them on.

I was sure to leave space for two reasons.  #1, because my son actually got upset when he thought I was covering his hand prints with hers.  He’s NEVER been jealous of her and that was the first sign of being upset over something that involved her.  I was sure to let him know that his were not being covered!  #2, because the prints will begin to blend if you don’t leave space.  ALSO, be sure that you use different colors for each kid so you can decipher whose is whose.

Both enjoyed getting a bit messy and we absolutely love this art piece in our home.  They will never have “matching” ages like that again, so for me… it was a way to preserve that moment in time. -Danielle


Here at Two Simple Owls we’re all about taking the chemicals out of your everyday products!  We don’t feel that organic and clean products should come with a hefty price tag, so we did our best to cut costs without cutting quality in every product.  We carefully selected ingredients that would be beneficial to you, not to just make it smell pretty for six years on a shelf.  All of our products are hand crafted and made to order (well.. our soaps are hand crafted, but made in advanced and cured properly over time).   We hope that you enjoy all of our products as much as we do