White Fir Essential Oil

White Fir EO

White Fir Essential Oil is made by steam distillation from needles.  Makes tons of sense as to the strong Christmas tree-like scent it has.  It’s noted to have an intensity of around 3, and has a woodsy, fresh, earthy, sweet smell.

It has analgesic, antiarthritic, anticatarrhal, antiseptic, expectorant, and stimulant properties.

Uses for this oil include

  1. Arthritis
  2. Asthma
  3. Bronchitis
  4. Bronchial obstructions
  5. Bursitis
  6. Cartilage Inflammation
  7. Coughs
  8. Energizing
  9. Fevers
  10. Fighting airborne germs/bacteria
  11. Furniture Polish
  12. Muscle Fatigue
  13. Muscle Pain
  14. Oxygenating the cells
  15. Overexercised Muscles
  16. Sprains
  17. Sinitus
  18. Rheumatism
  19. Reducing Aches and Pains related to colds and the flu
  20. Respiratory congestion
  21. Urinary Tract Infection

You can apply this oil neat (meaning no dilution required) to your reflex points and/or area of concern; and of course you can diffuse… especially during the Winter holidays!  Aromatically it creates a feeling of grounding, anchoring, and empowerment while it can stimulate the mind and relax the body.  Want to add more to your diffuser?  It blends well with Lavender and Frankincense.

So just be careful because this is an FDA approved oil to be used as a Food Additive and Flavoring Agent, but it’s not recommended for ingestion by children under the age of 6.  This can also create skin sensitivity… so PLEASE if you see that you are having a reaction to the oil, STOP using and consult your medical professional.

Info obtained by the book, Modern Essentials; A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, Fourth Edition.

Photo is courtesy of sunset.com

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Activated Charcoal… not what you grill with.

Activated CharcoalActivated Charcoal is not what is sounds like.  It’s not something you’ll throw under the grill to cook your hamburger, it’s actually a fine black powder made from refined coconuts.  It’s 100% alkaline and is spinning with electrons.  It has been used dated back to 450BC by Hindu’s and also by Hippocrates + Pliney, and last, but not least, it was used in WWI and was placed in the masks of soldiers to keep them from inhaling toxic chemicals.

But today, we use it to detoxify the body and skin.  On the skin, it absorbs toxins that are trapped under and is great to fight acne and cellulite.  It can speed up healing wounds, relieve itchiness from bites or stings, remove toxins from bites or stings, eliminates body odor from underarms, feet, and the scalp.  But we’re not done yet… you can even use it as a teeth whitener or reduce/eliminate body gas!!

This ingredient is in our Green Lava and Moroccan Lava Masks.  But don’t feel like you have to limit this to your face.. you can use it all over your body!  Take 1 tsp of the mask powder and combine it with 1 tsp of water, rosewater, or even coconut oil and mix it together to make a paste.  Then you rub it on your face and let it sit for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Then wipe off with warm water and a rag.  If you want to make a body mask, use the same technique of 1 tsp of mask powder to 1 tsp of your chosen ingredient and begin to put on your body working from the top down (this is a specific method to doing this, not just a suggestion).  Keep it on for 10 min and then hop in the shower and rinse it off.  Be sure to drink water and keep hydrated because when you are pulling out the toxins, you want to replenish with fluid!

We received our information from Livestrong,

Triclosan…OH I mean Fragrance!

TRICLOSAN: Check out what is lurking throughout your home!

TriclosanSo what is Triclosan?  It is an ingredient that is added to products to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination. It may be found in products such as clothing, kitchenware, furniture, and toys. It also may be added to antibacterial soaps and body washes, toothpastes, and some cosmetics. (http://www.fda.gov/forconsumers/consumerupdates/ucm205999.htm)  It’s used as an antibiotic; but making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

They are currently conducting studies to see how it’s affecting humans, not just the animals species.  Triclosan is possibly known for altering hormone levels AND making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.  I remember when the personal sized hand sanitizers were coming out, there was a debate about them cause more problems then good because they are not completely killing off the bacteria and so they were growing from that and becoming super bacteria.

Interesting that dioxin levels have dropped by 73 to 90 percent, but the levels of dioxins derived from the antibacterial soap ingredient, Triclosan has risen by 200 to 300 percent in the last 30 years!

The Huffington Post wrote a story about this lovely chemical saying that Triclosan “has been used for over 40 years and in recent studies of triclosan in animals have led scientists to worry that it could increase the risk of infertility, early puberty and other hormone-related problems in humans.”  It’s funny because all three of those things have been conversation headliners for a few years now, especially early puberty. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/02/triclosan-safety-antibacterial-soap-safe-fda_n_3202847.html)

Look for these names when trying to avoid products with Triclosan:

Trade names: Ultra-Fresh, Irgasan, Irgacare, Viv-20, and Microban. (Note: Biofresh and Amicor are other trade names, but they are used for fabrics).

Chemical name: 5-Chloro-2-(2,4- dichlorophenoxy)phenol


We do the research that we can to make sure that we are providing you with the cleanest products possible.  We’re sick of living in a world that’s filled with chemicals that are creating more problems within our bodies than there should be.  We do urge people to do the research too and know what you are using, ingesting, and giving to your families.

aaahhh Honey Honey

SugarLipsOh the benefits of honey…where do we even start?!

First, we may not think of this because raw honey tends to be very sticky when it goes on our skin, but honey is actually a great moisturizer!  It is a humectant and it attracts moisture and keeps it in locked inside!  But it’s not just for dry skin, it’s great for those who have oily skin too because it will help your skin retain the moisture and elasticity without drying it out.
*These products contain honey

Second, this ingredient is a natural antioxidant.  It can protect like a natural form of sun screen and can help protect from sun damage, such as premature wrinkling.  But we’re not saying don’t put on your sunscreen and lather on the honey!  Look at it as being a good assistant.
*These great products assist with the sun screening

Third, honey can help promote wound healing.  According to the New Zealand Dermatological Society, the chemical makeup of honey, largely sugars, has what is described as “high osmolality.” High osmolality when referring to honey means that the sugars interact with water in such a way that microorganisms cannot develop. In addition to the osmolality of honey, when the sweetener comes in contact with wound exudates—fluids that weep from sores or ulcers—hydrogen peroxide is produced. The creation of the hydrogen peroxide can provide antibacterial benefits to ulcerated areas, which speeds healing.
*These products utilize these great benefits

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/112833-benefits-honey-skin-care/#ixzz2TN9IinDc