Happy New Year!

Even though last Wednesday was the official start of 2014. We all know that any resolutions we’ve made with ourselves, do not truly start until the following Monday 😉 With that in mind…Happy New Year! Now get out there and Do something your future self with thank you for 🙂 Whether it be to make a change in your daily routine/schedule (implementing mine now as we speak), join a kickball league, hitting the gym or just making a few changes to a more holistic and healthier lifestyle, just get out there and do it TODAY! -kenzie



Motivation Monday: Think about it

ThinkAboutWe started this business because we wanted to help heal, educate, and make awesome products!  We don’t want to quit and and can’t even think about quitting when we begin to think about WHY we even started Two Simple Owls.  So when you start feeling down and defeated and begin to question your path… remember to THINK about WHY you started and your outlook on things just may change!!